Tara Flett
Hello Chase families! My name is Ms. Flett. I currently teach 3rd - 4th Math & Science and have been here at Chase since 2015. I started off teaching just 4th grade but recently took on a departmentalized role to focus on the two subject areas I love - math and science!

I attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for my undergraduate degree and am proud to share that I recently obtained my Master's of Education in Curriculum & Instruction with an Advanced Professional Specialization in English as a Second Language.

I really hope that my students learn to see themselves as mathematicians and scientists through my classes. I hope that they begin to develop their abilities to be curious observers of the world around them. I hope that they also develop perseverance, critical thinking, and resourcefulness.

Your students may tell you that I love pineapples because of my classroom decorations! My collection has grown over the last few years because of my many pineapple gifts from kiddos! My fun fact that I tell the kids is I love pineapple decor but don't really enjoy eating pineapples myself! Instead, I really like what they represent. In my room there's a poster that says "Be like a pineapple. Stand tall, be thick skinned and be sweet on the inside." Some of the other things I enjoy are singing and Harry Potter!